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WaterStop Jeweller

Remotely controlled water shutoff valve
0,5-1 inch (0,5”-1″)

up to 1.100 metres communication range

up to 3 years Battery Lifetime

combatible with Cold & Hot water pipes

Jeweller Radio-communication

WaterStop Jeweler is a wireless smart water stop valve. Works as part of an automated water leak prevention system if LeaksProtect or a third-party water leak detector is activated. The end user can change the status of the WaterStop by anyone, all that is needed is a Hub, an internet connection and the Ajax application. Also the creation of scenarios to minimize actions and automatically stop the water.

Switch control water supply in several cases:
  • With alarm, in case of LeaksProtect leak detector alarm
  • Scheduled to turn off water at a specific time
  • By changing the security status of the system, i.e. in case of arming and disarming
  • By pressing the LightSwitch
  • Pressing the button to manually turn off the water in an emergency.
  • With the temperature, to cut off the water supply to the heating pipes in winter.


  • Internal placement.
  • Waterproof IP56.
  • Add to Hub via QR Code.
  • Switch (tamper) for wiring protection.
  • Operating pressure 10bar.
  • Includes batteries (4xCR123A) with a lifetime of up to 3 years.
  • Possibility of adding external power supply 9~12VDC, 2A.
  • Compatible with Hub Plus, Hub2 (2G/4G), Hub2 Plus, Hub Hybrid Fibra (2G/4G) and ReX, ReX2.
  • Dimensions: 104 x 159 x 70mm.
  • Weight: 1336g.

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