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Neighborhood Patrols Services

Even in big cities, the neighborhood element still retains the sense of group. It is the extended family, the hearth that must be protected. At Kolossos Security, we undertake the guarding of neighborhoods, in consultation with the residents of the specific areas.
We carry out patrols 24 hours a day with specially equipped, privately owned vehicles of our company. This is how we record any suspicious activity and notify residents and the authorities in time. The personal contact with the residents of the neighborhood and the in-depth understanding of their concerns creates the basis for a better level of services. Guarding the neighborhoods is an affordable means of security, since the costs are shared among the residents. In addition, it is an excellent preventive measure, since the presence of a security team hinders the visions of would-be robbers. It is indicated for areas with an increase in crime, or for areas with apartments whose residents are away for many hours or days during the year.

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