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V.I.P. Bodyguarding Security Services

V.I.P. Bodyguarding Security Services

The protection-keeping of private persons requires special and particularly delicate handling. At Kolossos Security, we have many years of experience in this field and guarantee high-level services with accuracy, consistency and absolute confidentiality.

Often, the people in need of protection come from business, politics or entertainment. Therefore, for the guarding of VIPs, we employ professional bodyguards with thorough training who can respond to any conditions. The staff we choose fully meets the requirements of each client. With a discreet presence, it follows him in all his activities, is flexible regarding the hours and days of guarding and takes care of his safety during his meetings and movements.

We ensure:

Preventing a potential threat
Timely risk response
Multifaceted Defense through simultaneous different security measures
Creating a climate of trust and security
Escort with luxury vehicles and experienced security escorts

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