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Security Guarding Services of Conference Spaces

At Kolossos Security, we undertake the security of conference spaces and guarantee the successful and absolutely safe outcome of any large or small conference that takes place in a public or private space.
Well-trained staff, with a discreet presence, take care of the entry and exit of attendees and speakers as well as the removal of unauthorized persons from the area. In addition, it ensures the safe movement of people with disabilities in the area, while it is always in consultation with the local authorities in case they need to provide first aid, police or fire brigade intervention, etc.

In collaboration with the organizer of the respective event, we supervise the venue of the conference and develop the appropriate security plan. We always proactively record evacuation routes and create a resolution plan in advance for any potential malicious activity scenario.

Special care is taken for the timely arrival of journalists, cameramen and staff covering the event. This particular group of people is guided so that they comply with the security plan that has been drawn up for the conference area and do not interfere with any action.

Finally, throughout the conference, the venue as well as the ancillary areas, as well as the parking area, are continuously monitored by cameras to fully cover and safeguard security.

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