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Fog Production Security Systems

Our company takes care of your security, offering protection options for your space, with the seal of Kolossos Security. Prevent illegal invasion of your premises with the artificial fog production system.

Trust our knowledge and many years of experience and together we will find the solution that suits your needs.

Leave the study and installation to us and rest assured of your safety. Contact us and protect your home or business premises with the fog production system offered by Kolossos Security.

Fog production system UR FOG – Modular 200 Ajax Ready

UR FOG‘s Ajax Ready series fog systems are built to be ready to operate in collaboration with any Ajax wireless alarm unit (Hub), without special wiring. He leveled the security of the place by making it inaccessible to burglars.

Σύστημα παραγωγής ομίχλης

Η μονάδα Modular 200 covers with dense fog areas up to 200m3 in 28 seconds.
A 500ml fluid bag is included.
The system offers three activation methods:

  • After motion detection by Motion Protect devices or opening by Door Protect
  • After motion is detected by Motion Cam (motion detector with built-in camera)
  • Commanded by Ajax‘s remote controls (Space Control, Button, Double Button)

The device can be placed on a wall, ceiling, or placed on a piece of furniture.

After installation, the device joins the Ajax application (App) with a simple scan of the QR codes, from the two pre-installed Ajax Relays.

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