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Kolossos Security Services

We are here for everything you need for your safety.

Kolossos Security offers a wide range of security services for individuals & businesses. It undertakes the study of interior and exterior spaces, the installation of security systems and the continuous supervision of the perfect implementation of your personal protection plan.

Security Guard Services

We offer security guarding services for Companies, residences, Hotels, and Public spaces. We protect every type of building from crime, theft & vandalism.

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Plans & Installation Services

The specialized technicians of our company carry out an inspection of your facilities and the surrounding area in order to design a comprehensive, advantageous proposal according to your needs.

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Patrol Services

Kolossos Security provides patrol services with absolute responsibility, having experienced staff and excellent equipment.

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VIP Bodyguarding

The protection of private individuals requires special and particularly delicate handling, which Kolossos Security handles with complete success.

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Μια ομάδα security επιβλέπει οθόνες κλειστού κυκλώματος cctv σε κέντρο λήψης σημάτων, για τις υπηρεσίες της Kolossos Security

Signal Receiving Center

24-hour Signal Reception Center designed according to international security standards & is connected to high-tech computers & specialized digital software.

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