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Kolossos Security’s specialized Cyber Security services identify and address all Cyber Security issues that require immediate and comprehensive solutions.

In particular, we have a list of nine integrated services for the effective treatment of Cyber Security issues.

1. Risk Assessment

Special study carried out in a business or an organization or even in a specific object and it concerns the assessment of the risks related to the object under consideration in order to upgrade the understanding of the total risk associated with it. As a deliverable it has a risk report that refers to digital assets, threats and the level of risk that concerns them and which acts as a starting point for decision-making on institutional or technical compliance or risk transfer actions.

2. Vulnerability Assessment

Running a series of exhaustive checks to find vulnerabilities on every type of computing and network/internet resource. Special controls for compliance with international standards such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, OWASP, etc.

3. Security Assessment

Performing evaluation checks of the security level of a company or organization or a specific system which is or is about to be put into production operation. It consists of a risk assessment, a vulnerability assessment, penetration tests and as a final deliverable has a thorough report on the results of the aforementioned checks and an action plan to carry out corrections in order to upgrade the security of the object under control.

4. Penetration tests

Performing security tests that accurately simulate real attacks on IT and Communications systems in order to find vulnerabilities and demonstrate the magnitude of the real risk that exists in installed systems or in systems that will be put into production. These are tests with or without internal knowledge (white box – black box) from inside or outside the organization.

5. Wi-Fi penetration test

It is about performing security tests on wireless networks that simulate real attacks, with the aim of unauthorized entry into them.

6. Social engineering

Attempting to exploit the human factor by executing methodologies designed to lead authorized individuals of a business or organization to perform actions that they should not in favor of an attacker who intends to gain unauthorized access to systems or information.

7. Security policies

Study and write appropriate security policies to safeguard against risks associated with the specific characteristics of a business or organization, with a view to aligning with best practices, institutional compliance and selected risk management or information management standards.

8. Strengthening system security (Hardening)

System configuration to appropriate values to enhance its security, as well as installation of appropriate applications that upgrade the security of a specific system.

9. Security certificates / encryption

Low, medium and high security SSL/TLS certificates for all types of network servers from the most internationally recognized Certification Authorities

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