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Security Guard Services


Kolossos Security undertakes the guarding of every business premises with absolute responsibility, discretion and consistency.
Our specialized staff adapts the security plan and its implementation, based on the unique needs of each space and installation.
Do not hesitate to call us for more information, we will be happy to talk to you.

Ένας φύλακας Security στην πόρτα μιας εταιρείας εν ώρα υπηρεσίας μιλάει στον ασύρματο για τις υπηρεσίες φύλαξης εταιρειών της Kolossos Security
Security Guarding for Company Storage

The guarding of companies & the static security of business premises is the main field of activity of Kolossos Security.


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Security Guarding for Stores

We protect merchandise, equipment and ensure the safety of human resources in the most reliable way.


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Security Guarding for Public Spaces / Buildings

Kolossos Security with a high sense of responsibility towards every citizen provides advanced security services in public places.


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Security Guarding for Concert Venues

At Kolossos Security our priority in covering concert venues is safety and proper crowd management.


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Protection of Industrial Areas

Our specialized and specially trained staff is permanently alert and guarantees the timely and effective response to any risk in industrial areas.


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Security Guarding for Hotel Units

The security of hotel units is a special case, which we undertake with due discretion and reliability.


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Security Guarding for Conference Rooms

At Kolossos Security we undertake the security of conference rooms and guarantee the successful and absolutely safe outcome of every big or small conference.


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