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Public Spaces & Premises Security Guarding Services

Public Spaces & Premises Security Guarding Services

Kolossos Security with a high sense of responsibility towards every citizen provides advanced security services in public places. Especially nowadays, when crime and terrorist acts are increasing, security is a primary concern in every aspect of everyday life.

With the reliability that our many years of presence in the field gives us and also with the use of advanced equipment, we are able to cope with any need. We prevent and neutralize immediately and with careful movements any possible danger, so that a carefree environment can be enjoyed wherever you are with your loved ones.

Our trained and fully qualified associates have a lot of experience and are selected according to very strict criteria. Thus they provide absolute security combined with confidentiality and discretion.


  • They have a mandatory clean criminal record, as well as a security personnel work permit
  • They are trained both in risk & threat detection, as well as in crisis and emergency management (fire, earthquake, etc.)
  • They conduct systematic, complete checks of all facilities and security systems
  • They make a detailed record of incidents and events in the respective books

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