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Event Security Guarding Services

At Kolossos Security our priority in covering concert venues is safety and proper crowd management. Our specially trained staff is able to manage the integrity of thousands of people gathered thanks to the faithful adherence to the security plan, the constant monitoring and prevention of any incident and the perfect coordination to solve problems.

In recent years, large and important events and musical events have been organized in our country that attract thousands of people. Concerts take place in stadiums, stadiums and open spaces where overcrowding can cause minor or major accidents. It goes without saying that the organizers are obliged to take the necessary measures for the safety of all attendees.
In particular, the services we provide are:

  • Inspection of facilities with particular attention to areas with increased crime
  • Surveillance of the parking lot
  • Management of the gathered crowd and care for their safety
  • Staff presence and security at ticket offices
  • Storage of audiovisual media, equipment and musical instruments
  • Cooperation with technicians and workers during the preparation and conduct of the event
  • Ensuring privacy and protection of artists

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