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Static Security Guarding of Industrial Premises

We undertake static security of industrial premises in any area. The reliability that characterizes Kolossos Security combined with the latest technology equipment at its disposal, offer high-level security services.

Our specialized and specially trained staff is permanently alert and guarantees the timely and effective response to any risk. The characteristics they necessarily possess are:

Security personnel work permit
Clean criminal record
Training in hazard detection & threat
Training in crisis and emergency management (fire, earthquake, etc.)

The static guarding of industrial premises, in addition to being intrusive, has an additional preventive character. The physical presence of security works as a deterrent to possible attacks. The guards of Kolossos Security carry out regular, full checks on the facilities of the industrial premises as well as on the security systems of the premises. In addition, they carry out a detailed recording of the incidents in special incident books, while they are trained to control the entrance and exit of the facilities.

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